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Valid Postcard Dimensions
Property Minimum Maximum
Length 5 inches 6 inches
Height 3-1/2 inches 4-1/4 inches
Thickness 0.007 inch 0.016 inch

Length is the dimension parallel to the address.

Mailing Services Content
First-Class Mail

This service is required for personal correspondence, handwritten or typewritten material, and bills or statements of account.

500 or more pieces required for Automation and Presorted prices.

Expected Delivery Day: 1-3 days

Annual mailing fee required for automation and presorted prices.


Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) expedites the transportation of bulk mailings by using Priority Mail to quickly send the mailings to a destination delivery unit for processing. Because it has a special bar-coded label, can be used to track the shipment.

Prepare your mailing according to the standards for the enclosed class of mail, put it into a USPS-approved container, include the appropriate tag or label, and bring it to a USPS® Network Distribution Center, Sectional Center Facility or Destination Delivery Unit. The postage price will be based on the weight of the contents (excluding the tare weight of the external container) and regular Priority Mail distance-based prices, so your mailings move faster at a reasonable cost.

Create a Priority Mail Open and Distribute Service address label in any of the following ways:
  • Register and download the USPS Shipping Assistant® free desktop application.
  • Choose a shipping service software provider from the list of companies that have met Postal Service™ specifications for the electronic file and barcode.
  • Register and integrate the USPS Web Tools™ Ecommerce API.